Unusual Art for the Unusual Mind





  Newest work in progress beginning to end!



     1. sketch to canvas               2. Basic Background      3. Critiques                   4. Background additives and texturizing strokes





   5. Add central subject colors               6. More subject color               7. Even more subject color




We can't give away all our new material but we thought it would be fun to show you a work in the progress. They usually never look like they will be any good until the final touches. Here is Tracy at work.


1. First comes a sketch           2. The sketch is transferred to a primed canvas       3. Areas of color are painted in over the transfer



4. The detailed subject colors are applied                   5. A frustrating attempt to do two at once                6. Breaks for drying                7. Rough background color




8. Final touches and texture are applied to the background           9. Detailed black lines highlight the subject from the background




                                                                                     10. Finished product.







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