Unusual Art for the Unusual Mind

Guest artists' works are presented with the expressed and written permission of the credited artists.  We hope to be adding more artists for your browsing pleasure. These images are not for use without the permission of the artists themselves referenced below. Each image is protected under copyright law.


 Most recently welcomed guest Brian Doogan of Cretin Art http://www.cretinart.com/


      Loree Harrell  http://artwanted.com/artist.cfm?artid=24639

 Don'Den Harmala  http://abbotrmi.deviantart.com/  & ketlersrun@yahoo.com

      Eliza Vella of  http://www.bandshe.net/

 Jennifer Russo of Hathors-Mirror.com



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The Light

Focal Descent

Long Time Coming

AMorphUs #15: Midnight Palette Of A Beautiful Life

Jewel Of A Lifetime

The Totems Series: The Studio

How to Show No Fear

Unknown, for now, why

Reaching for whats not there

Some Drugs are deadly

Surreal Woman

Blue Sun

Fish God

Medusa's Curse

"Energetic Faery"

"Music Spirit"


Bat Mountain

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