6/04/08 NEWS - Tracy will be displaying origianl art for sale at the Wine Tasting and Art Show at the Stony Brook at Southampton in the Chancellor's Hall, sponsored by the Long Island Chapter of the Sierra Club on June 5th, 2008 from 6PM-9PM/ Original astrangeskeletons art will be available for purchase. Tickets are available at the door for $25. 239 Montauk Highway, Southampton, NY 11791


5/01/08 NEWS - The Strangeskeletons art display at the Lindenhurst Coffee House 'The Spoon" has ended after a year long run. We thank the owners for suppoting local artists and allowing fine displays. Thanks again Ralph and Randy!


10/03/07 NEWS - New October 2007 Babylon Village Conklin House art exhibit information has been posted on the home page. Come see two very new pieces just finished!."The Sacrifice" and "The Creeping Plague". Custom framed and matted to complement the pieces they will be for sale after the exhibit. Contact info is available through our website and at the exhibit.


10/02/07 NEWS - In over two years since the start of this website we just got one single complaint recently about posting email addresses . We have now removed all email addresses from this comment section for those few that require special privacy. We have left those artists, partners who specifically gave us contact/website info to post.


8/01/07 COMMENT - IMAGE TITLE: Maui's Humpbacks, POSTED BY: John Sweeney , COMMENT: Very Original piece.


8/01/07 COMMENT - IMAGE TITLE: Maui's Humpbacks, POSTED BY: Jerry, COMMENT: Exciting or very delightful artwork!


8/01/07 NEWS -SS Website has been updated and over 8 color images have been entered into the modern gallery page 1. A complete Inks photo alblum has been added to the sketches and Inks page. The rotating art exhibit will be starting at the babylon Town hall in just a few more days (delayed by late removal of prior art program)


7/15/07 NEWS -Tracy has started work on some great pieces. There are the effusive abstracts, strange characters and now occasional nature abstracts. Tracy is especially eager to finish the Maui Humpback whales piece soon to be posted on the home page and gallery.


6/15/07 NEWS - Less art activity due to more work activity. The summer will be more productive as usual. 10 full color pieces will be completed and added to the gallery along with many new sketches, inks, and news.


6/08/07 COMMENT - IMAGE TITLE: The Creeping Plague, POSTED BY: VEDAT MURATLI COMMENT: very nice abstract full of colors..


6/08/07 COMMENT - IMAGE TITLE: Nude Woman Reclining in Vulnerable Position
POSTED BY: (Now anonymous)
, COMMENT: I like it, Tracy!  Figurative, decorative, cubist, abstract, active, flowing...many things....

5/28/07 COMMENT - IMAGE TITLE: The Coconut Crab, POSTED BY: Peter Beard (pajbeard@tiscali.co.uk)COMMENT:, Excellent and imaginative


4/5/07 NEWS - Another commissioned piece is now on order. How it works is that most people requesting  commissioned artwork simple pick out an unpainted sketch from any of the sketches pages here at the website (or ask for a new subject sketch).  Request a color scheme. Leave a small deposit. Refer to the about us section for pricing.




4/03/07 NEWS - Top-rated local coffeehouse in Lindenhurst NY "THE SPOON" has agreed to display 5 prominent original Strange Skeletons Works starting this weekend. If you are local go check it out and tell them you came to see the art. Ask if art Postcards are available there.


03/15/07 NEWS - Gallery, Coffeehouse and Rotating art exhibits are being arranged for this year. this yer there will be even more opportunities to go see original Strange Skeletons Art  in person locally.


3/01/07 COMMENTS - Regarding the Gallery montage of work posted at artwanted.com, Comment : Outstanding display of artwork,Tracy, bravo!, posted by Joanna Jungjohann.


3/01/07 COMMENTS - Regarding the pen and ink work titled "Portrait of an Unbalanced Ballbuster", Comment : Awesome, posted by Shashvat Doorwar


2/19/07 NEWS - The artist's muse. Sargeant's Birthday!



2/17/07 COMMENTS - Regarding the watercolor titled "Overwhelming Grief", Comment : I love this style! It's so interesting and different!, posted by Katie Alfonsi


02/15/07 NEWS - Some New T-Shirt designs have been tested. StrangeSkeletons Art T-Shirts may be available by summertime.



2/4/07 COMMENTS - Regarding the pen and ink work titled "Portrait of an Unbalanced Ballbuster", Comment : Tracy this work of yours is marvelous and wonderful. Gives me the feeling of some of the etchings in Panenque and other mayan ruins. Excellent work. Miguel. Posted by Michael Forbus. 


2/3/07 COMMENTS - Regarding the pen and ink work titled "Portrait of an Unbalanced Ballbuster", Comment : Very cool work. my type of art. Excellent piece. Extremely creative. free spirited artist. posted by Fernando Rivera.


2/2/07 COMMENTS  - Regarding the watercolor work titled "Autumnal Virus" , Comment : Very strong and dynamic work, posted by (now anonymous)


01/30/07 NEWS - Welcome new guest artist Brian Doogan of CretinArt.com . It took us awhile to make it happen but we finally got him uploaded to our guest page.


01/05/07 NEWS - Happy New Year. We took a small hiatus during the holidays but we are back with more new art works, news and plans for the 2007. Starting here with the long awaited SS website update. A new look and lots more new art for the gallery and home page. Sorry the Strange Skeletons Volume I book has once again been delayed due to technical difficulties and software incompatabilities. The good news is that it will be bigger and will include many more color works! New due date Summer 2007. This is expected to be the last delay.


9/23/06 NEWS - Welcome guest artist Loree Harrell of Corvalis Oregon. See the four new images added to our guest artist page. Loree has some variety of works boasting great colors and form. We think if you like Strange Skeletons you may enjoy our guest artists images and their own websites.


9/16/06 NEWS - The Babylon Town Hall arts and crafts fair on 9/15/06 turned out to be a nice day but had a poor turnout of vendors and attendees possibly due to the iffy weather forecast the day before. Thank you for stopping in if you were there.


9/07/06 COMMENT - Regarding the work titled : IMAGE TITLE: "Sphyrna Mookarran - The God of Mystery", Comments by : Jessica Torrant: "You are so in tune to what you create - outstanding work here."


9/06/06 COMMENT - Regarding the work titled : "Which Way" , Comment  by Doris B. Lambling , "Love the dynamic and power of this piece!"


9/05/06 COMMENT - Regarding the work titled : "Friends Not Far Enough Away"
Comment by: Lynnda  Rakos: "Wonderful tribal piece..great colours and concept!!!"

Response - We are glad people are starting to use words like tribal to describe these works.


9/05/06 COMMENT -Regarding the work : "Untitled (Sunburst)"
Comment: by Jacqueline Bishop,
"Wonderful work!"


9/04/06 COMMENTS all posted  by  - Patricia  McCarty 

 IMAGE TITLE: "Friends Not Far Enough Away" COMMENT: "Fantastic works!!! ,

IMAGE TITLE: Portrait of Maddy COMMENT: "Awsome in every sence of the word"

IMAGE TITLE: The Lizard Lady COMMENT: "Very very  cool! nice and refreshing!"

IMAGE TITLE: The Superstitious Antenna of the Gods COMMENT: "Aonther winner!"

Response- Thank you so much for the generous comments

9/04/06 COMMENT: Regarding the work titled :" The Twisted Tango"
posted by: Karen Guarino ,
Comment:  "Fascinating and inspiring works!  Your web site is fantastic...enjoyed "the artist at work" segment!!" 


9/04/06 COMMENT : Regarding the work titled: "Sphyrna Mookarran - The God of Mystery"  Comment by Jerry: "Very interesting picture, cool colors and style!"


9/04/06 COMMENT - Regarding the work titled : "The Blue Watcher"  Comment : by: Jessica Torrant  "Gorgeous color and composition - 10+++"


9/03/06 COMMENT - Regarding the work titled: "Friends Not Far Enough Away"
Commen by Doris B. Lambling ,
  "Love the tribal feel of this piece - and the thought provoking title of course - gorgeous!!!"

Response - Thanks Doris you really get Tracy's work


9/03/06 COMMENT - Regarding the work titled : Sphyrna Mookarran - The God of Mystery, Comment by Lucia  Stewart , "Stunning and creative!!!"


9/02/06 COMMENT- Regarding the work : Untitled (Sunburst),
Comment by Gina  Boyce ,
"love this piece great work!"


9/02/06 COMMENT - Regarding the titled work : "Portrait of Maddy" , Comment by: Linda Bowman  :"My kind of art. I love the purple and the details."


9/02/06 COMMENT- Regarding image title: "Resistance of the Primal Urge",
comments by Michael  Easter 
"Super- great layout, great colors". and regarding the image title: "The Moving Menace" comments "I love it! Another great piece."


9/02/06 COMMENT - This message was sent by alisdair small  rather than comment all your pieces individualy I thought id just send u this. I like all your  work ive seen on this  great stuff. thanks


9/02/06 COMMENT - Regarding the image title: "Resistance of the Primal Urge",
comments by Mary  Ashton,
   "Love these bold strong colours and shapes Tracy, beautiful intricate work". 



9/02/06 Comment - Regarding the image titled "Resistance of the Primal Urge",
comments by Nikolay Pavlushko,
comment "very interesting work !!!  Love it !!!!"


9/01/06 Comments- Regarding the image titled  "Resistance of the Primal Urge" by: Jerry   Comment : "Very bold or powerful abstract painting my friend. I'm loving you effort, lines and brilliant colors!"


9/01/06 Comment - Regarding the image title  "The Hindi Lady"
by: Jim Rownd
comment: "love this one!"


8/25/06 NEWS - Major site homepage and gallery updates today. This really was the summer of shark obsession for Tracy Rothman which found its way into her abstract paintings. We hope you like some of the new works being posted here throughout September 2006. You can buy original art and posters on the web or in person at our next appearances in Babylon , NY. Sept 16th, 2006 at the Town Hall art fair and later at the Babylon Conklin house Apples and art Festival usually mid-October.


8/17/06 NEWS - Sorry for the slow summer news and comments. Generally we were mostly closed for the past 6 weeks. I am happy to say we had a great time while away in Oregon . The 2006 Faerieworlds art and music festival in Eugene was great. It was a pleasure to meet artist Brian Froud and author Ari Berk. These two fine taented fellows were both cordial and accessible.  


7/5/06 NEWS -Bellport's Fourth of July "Artists on the Lane" art fair was filled with talented artists but generally had a low turnout. Worse off  for us artists, I didn't see to many buyers. We probably won't be back next year. due to the rather weak weekday turnout.


6/17/06 NEWS - 2006 Summer Apearances are being scheduled now!

Next ppearances : July 4th ,2006 at 10 AM-6PM Bellport New York "Artists on the Lane" fine art fair at the Bellport community center grounds call for info/directions  call Sue (631) 206-0037. Patchogue, NY biweekly 2006 Friday Night Art and Music Street Fair "Alive after Five" on mainstreet 5-10PM starting July 7th, July 21st, August 4th, August 18th, September 1st, September 15th. No rain dates. Mid-October 2006 return to the Conklin House. Exact dates TBA. 2006 November/December Manhattan NY TBA.


6/7/06 COMMENT - IMAGE TITLE: "No Identification" POSTED BY: Loree Harrell  COMMENT: Wonderful pen & ink, Tracy!

6/06/06 COMMENT - IMAGE TITLE: No IdentificationPOSTED BY: Bruce Black ,COMMENT: Your style is unique and dynamic.


6/06/06 COMMENT-IMAGE TITLE: "No Identification"POSTED BY: thea walstra (COMMENT: Great details and marvelous art.



6/5/06 NEWS- There has been a slow down on all projects here but things are expected to pick up now that the wedding is over. Starting today there has been a website update. We will be adding the very popular ink drawings to the gallery or sketches page soon. As always tune in often to catch all the updates, sales and specials.


 6/05/06 COMMENT regarding IMAGE TITLE: The Moving Menace POSTED BY: Nancy Costley , Comment:  Great design.  Full of movement.

5/20/06 NEWS- Sorry to all you bachelors, Tracy Rothman is now off the market. Tracy had a great wedding today at the Riverhead Atlantis Marine World Aquarium here in NY and it was a blast. Sharks, a juggler, belly dancers, favorite movie clips on a projector and her dog in a Tuxedo as the ring bearer. It was an awesome time. Maybe some pictures will make it on to the site soon.


5/14/06 COMMENT regarding IMAGE TITLE: Boy I'm Itchy POSTED BY: Dave Layne  COMMENT: This awesome!


5/13/06 COMMENT regarding the IMAGE TITLE: The Superstitious Antenna of the Gods POSTED BY: RICHARD SCOTT,  COMMENT: That's cool. Good design.


5/13/06 COMMENT regarding IMAGE TITLE: The Superstitious Antenna of the Gods POSTED BY: christopher chase (christopherchase2002@yahoo.com)COMMENT: really nice :) !!!!   and another comment for IMAGE TITLE: I'm Getting MadPOSTED BY: christopher chase  COMMENT: wow.. i like this work :) :)


5/12/06 COMMENT regarding IMAGE TITLE: The Superstitious Antenna of the Gods
POSTED BY: Chris Williams 
COMMENT: great intricate design


5/11/06 COMMENT regarding IMAGE TITLE: The Superstitious Antenna of the Gods POSTED BY: Michael Forbus  COMMENT: Tracy, a very meaningful and well crafted pen and ink.  You are a master with the plume.  miguel


5/10/06 COMMENT regarding theIMAGE TITLE: The Superstitious Antenna of the Gods
POSTED BY: Lawrence Hickman , COMMENT: awsome ...


5/09/06 COMMENT - Regarding the Untilted Piece AKA sunburst IMAGE TITLE: Untitled (Sunburst) POSTED BY: Chris Williams (chris@williamsc88.fsnet.co.uk)
COMMENT: amazing abstract


4/9/05 NEWS: NEW GUEST ARTIST ADDED TO THE GUEST PAGE. Welcome Don'Den Harmala. Visit the guest page for art and links.


4/03/06 COMMENT - Regarding the new pen and Ink piece IMAGE TITLE: Boy I'm Itchy POSTED BY: Jerry  COMMENT: Brilliant work, concrat, lines, balance and idea!


4/02/06 COMMENT - Regarding the IMAGE TITLE: Untitled (The Blue Ghost) POSTED BY: bo huffmen  COMMENT: looks like a stained glass ,great colors great job all the way around!!!!!Bo


03/25/06 NEWS - Order has been restored to the website. Those pesky leprechauns have been eradicated. There has been some gallery and sketches pages updates be sure to review the entire site for new images.


03/06/06 NEWS - Those rapscallion, wee little people (the leprechauns) have wrought mischief here at strangeskeletons just in time for St Patty's Day. With all the turbulence they have exposed top secret art projects and the latest media Tracy Rothman has experimented with, pen and ink. These tight detailed pieces are reminiscent of MC Escher . We will be bringing you more soon!


03/02/06 COMMENT- Regarding the IMAGE TITLE: The Living RoomPOSTED BY: C DeMaio  COMMENT: nice composition and use of colours.


03/01/06 COMMENT posted by tjames zanotti (tjames@zanografix.com)
COMMENT: "If we must destroy ourselves to create art then you have succeeded" : Reply- We like that Tjames thanks for the comment. Artists, poets and philosophers all have common ground that we appreciate. You "got" Tracy's art.


02/18/06 NEWS - Vacation time to Florida this time to swim with the manatees and other fun things. Sorry we will be unable to fill any orders or respond to again until emails until March 1st, 2006.


02/15/06 COMMENT - Regarding the IMAGE TITLE: The Brain Pick POSTED BY: C DeMaio  COMMENT: Beautiful work, great colors and composition!


02/15/06 COMMENT - Regarding the IMAGE TITLE: The Brain Pick POSTED BY: Linda Bertiaux ( COMMENT: Excellent work.  Way cool


02/15/06 COMMENT-  Regarding the IMAGE TITLE: The Brain PickPOSTED BY: Celito Medeiros COMMENT: Ueba, chega a lembrar Romero Britto! (Translated from Portuguese is comparing the works to a popular artist who simarly uses bold colors in abstractions.)


02/15/06 COMMENT: Regarding the IMAGE TITLE: The Brain PickPOSTED BY: Leah Jaarveth  COMMENT: very colorful :)


01/21/06 NEWS - Happy Chinese New Year, Year of the Dog coming next week.  Other items in theSS news.....New updates on the home page. images were added to the gallery and sketches pages. be sure to check those pages for updates not always shown on the first page of each gallery. A very new selection of Tracy's works will be added to the galleries here soon. There are 20 highly detailed pen and ink works that are bolder and with higher contrast but similar to the pencil works.


01/18/06 NEWS - Art Discussion Groups at Yahoo Groups with Strange Skeletons fans and artists. You are invited to join in art related discussions and share images in our newly formed art group. To join is free. You just need a Yahoo ID that is very easy to get and it is also free. follow the link below to join our discussions. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/StrangeSkeletons/join?


01/15/06 NEWS - Welcome our newest guest artist Eliza Vella (aka Bandshe). Please check out our guest artist section for four recent additions to that gallery by this artist.


01/14/06 - Comment I'm quite a fan of your colors, done with great restraint, and the thought behind the composition is apparent. mature and thought provoking work regarding the recent web posting of Portrait of Maddy emailed by Iain Robinson


01/14/06  COMMENT- "You have incredible imagination !! The blue/red combination works really well" regarding the web posting  of  "I'm Getting Mad"
emailed by Stu Dillon


01/14/06 COMMENT -  "Love this piece. Apart from the superb colors and composition, it's beautifully sensuous and there is a huge feeling of life and energy here. Great work!" regarding the recent web posting of Portrait of Maddy emailed by Iain Robinson


01/03/06 COMMENT- An interesting geometric nice arrangement on the text
Regarding the web posting of
"The Mutated Human Zygote" emailed by tjames zanotti 

01/01/06 NEWS - We had a really great trip to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan (MOMA) yesterday morning. We saw some very famous pieces like Van Gogh's "Starry Night" and several Picassos and many other modern influences. I would like to post pictures or maybe a link to the the interesting 5 part "metamorphosis" of an abstract series by Picasso that was in the Museum. There was one series done of a nude and one series of a bull. It is a great way to teach how subjects represented are abstracted in a five part series each getting progressively more abstract.


12/23/05 NEWS - Soon we plan to have the store section modified for easier purchases and checkout. ALSO by popular request TWO NEW posters are being issued for 2006. They are of the very popular postcard art you can see in the store section now.


12/15/05 NEWS - Holiday season is here. We wish you all well and we are adding another special treat next week. A link to an interview with artist Tracy Rothman will be added to the home page. The interview helps to explain the artists inspirations and views on abstract art. Its a gret way to better understand some of these pieces. Be sure to check it out.


12/05/05 COMMENT - Great web site.  Great artist.

      Emailed 12/2/05 by Marlene Cohn of Oceanside NY.


12/05/05 COMMENT - Regarding the web posting ofthe work titled  "I'm Getting Mad"

"Keep up the good work."  emailed 11/29/05 byWilliam Boyer


12/05/05 NEWS - Slow to get back on track but management will be resuming usual business activity and website updates this month.


11/30/05 NEWS - Unfortunate family loss in late November. No website activity/no art news.


11/05/05 NEWS - The Chiller Theatre Halloween Convention 05 was a blast! Although we were not showing the Strange Skeletons works there we wanted to report that it was a real fun event with lots of great celebrities. We wanted to say that all the celebrity guests were really nice even though they were mobbed by fans all day. Special thanks to : Linda Blair, Adrienne Barbeau, Adam West, Karen Allen, Charlotte Stewart, Judith O'Dea, Kevin Sorbo and all the others


10/24/05 NEWS - Lots of positive feedback form some web gallery postings at Artwanted.com. Its a large site with a community of artists. Thanks for all the positive feedbacks. Sorry I could not post them all but the comments below are representative.


10/24/05 Comment- Nice work! about IMAGE TITLE : "I'm Getting Mad"
emailed by Rob Slijkhuis


10/24/05 Comment - Great work Tracy!!!! about IMAGE TITLE: "I'm Getting Mad"  

emailed by Analua   


10/24/05 Comment- Very Picasso-esque - complex design about IMAGE TITLE: "I'm Getting Mad " emailed by Julie Hollis


10/16/05 News The Babylon Conklin House Art Show was a success. Despite 8 straight days of rain and a water logged town, the turn out was grand. We would like to thank Larry Nye, Karen Petz and all the volunteers for their hard work.


10/15/05 Art Related Link- Niki De Saint Phalle (French, 1930-2002 did spend some career time in NY)   Famous for colorful large scale sculptures. Coincidental similarities and in use of color, She is not a conscious influence for Tracy Rothman art, but worth checking out if you have some time.

A San Diego museum exhibit and bio  http://www.mingei.org/prevexnikki.html

A web gallery  and bio http://www.artnet.com/artist/14792/niki-de-saint-phalle.html  



10/14/05 Comment - Hi Tracy, Cool art work.I am going try to visit your work in person. Will give your site nice visit soon. When I have more time, will be back to visit your site to see your goodies more thoroughly. So far I see a real propainter in you. Reminds me of cross between Picasso and Niki St. DePhalle, the famous sculptor. (is that how her name is spelled???)Good Luck with your art career and sales!!!

        Emailed by Camille C. of Central Islip, NY


10/09/05 News- Colombus Day Poster special see the very bottom of the Home Page to see details of how you can win a free poster.  Also, is the upcoming October show. Be there to see two large originals and many other swell artists works' too! Halloween website update is coming soon.


10/02/05 News- Spooky October is here. We hope to have some store specials and perhaps new products this month. A November Manhattan appearance is being planned, details to be released soon. Don't miss the Babylon October gallery type expo. It is free and it is fun. Friday night and Saturday are the best times to go.


Directions by car: Take Sunrise, Southern State or LIE Deer Park Avenue/231South to Babyon. Just after the Southern State Parkway the road forks left to 231 or right to old Deer Park Avenue. Take the right fork down old Deer park Avenue and keep heading south past Sunrise Highway about 1 more mile down. The Conklin House is a restored, historic little house just after the train tressel on the right. Park just before that train tressel is best. there are plenty of resturants and bars just steps away. It is really close to the babylon train station if you get lost.

Directions by train: take the LIRR to the Babylon Train Station just walk down and head less than 1 block toward Deer park Avenue. the Conklin house is adjacent to the train tracks


9/26/05 News-  New Images were added to gallery page 1 and the sketches section. Updates will occur with regularity through January. Ebay auctions are up and running and the store page is now open for business. Soon we will have paypal links.  We will be posting directions to the next NY appearance soon.  Sorry, the book has been delayed till first quarter 2006.....and remember OCTOBER IS STRANGE SKELETONS MONTH.


9/19/05 Comment - Cool website!!!  Love your art Tracy. Lots of luck!!

     Emailed by Terry C. of Merrick, NY


9/19/05 News- the  Babylon Village Fair was a success. There was great interest in the art and mini-posters. we would like to thank all of you who stopped in including Kevin and companion, and the young fellow (with his mom) who had some artistic inspirations of his own. Poster sales were good. The promotional offers are now over, but more are coming including an "art lover's package" stay tuned. OCTOBER IS STRANGE SKELETONS MONTH. Don't miss our next appearance info below.




9/13/05 Comment - I checked out some of the art work and sketches. Very interesting .

     Emailed by Nancy L of Bayshore, NY


9/10/05 NEWS: Appearances Confirmed!

     September 18th Babylon Village, Long Island NY Art/Craft Fair at Argyle Lake! 12-5PM. Signed posters and other not on the web products will be available. Some original art will be displayed as well.

     October 14th-16th Gallery type show/exhibit at Babylon Village Conklin House during the Apples and art Festival Friday 7-10PM, Saturday most of the day and Sunday 12-3PM



8/26/05 NEWS - Another live, gallery type appearance has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 15th, again in Babylon Village, NY. Details TBA. With a whole lot of luck the Strange Skeletons Volume 1 book will be ready for distribution at that time.


8/23/05 NEWS - The first Commissioned work through the website came out great and it will be posted on the website homepage soon. For Maddy. We regret to part with it but as soon as works are published, the originals will be available for sale. If you have any immediate interest you can put a hold on any of our unsold gallery pieces by emailing us via the "contact us" page. A small deposit is required.




8/15/05 NEWS - We will be hosting a booth at the annual Babylon Village, NY annual craft fair at Argyle Lake in Long Island on Sunday, September 18th. We plan to bring our first printed poster (11" X 17"), original art for sale, displays of upcoming prints and newer works! Posters will also soon be available throught this website.







8/05/05 NEWS - Five of the ten paintings for the summer are already done. They just keep getting better. "Mangia", "The Human Zygote" and "Please Mom Don't..." are all outstanding. We will be making major additions to the site by the end of September including over 10-20 new sketches on the sketch page and a new painting to the gallery every week. EBAY AUCTIONS FOR ORIGINAL SKETCHES AND ART WILL BEGIN MID-OCTOBER!


7/24/05 NEWS - Software problems are still slowing down the Strange Skeletons Volume 1 graphic design needed to go to printing but I am not delaying the anticipated Fall 05 release yet. In fact a live appearance with two new works are to be displayed (and hopefully a book signing) is anticipated this Mid-October in Long Island. Keep watching this news page for more details as they are released.


7/15/05 COMMENT- Really enjoyed your website.  Thought the artwork was very creative and unique in its abstract nature.  Good luck with the painting binge for summer 2005.  What a way to spend your days!  Best of luck with Volume I & II.  Very inspiring for me to get my art up on the web as well.  Thanks for all of the help and direction in pursuing this venue for my work!  Hope to see very soon.
     Emailed 7/15/05 by Jamie and Cherlynne R. of San Francisco


7/11/05 NEWS - As you can see by the last email we are currently accepting a limited number of commissions. More details will soon be posted about commissions on the "about us" section pertaining to the terms of commissioned work. This commissioned piece will be a full color abstract painting portrait of the person commissioning the work. There was no other specific request. Maddy your artwork is already in progress and the sketchwork will soon be posted on the site (currently titled "new page 9" but will soon be renamed "Works in Progress". Thanks for your order!


7/11/05 COMMENT .....I had no idea you were doing this work!!!  You have sooo much talent my dear!!!  I love what you do.  So, I would like to commission a work from you......I would be honored and happy to receive one of your creations made with me in mind.  In other words, something you see in me in your mind's eye.

                              7/11/05 Emailed by Maddy D. of Florida


7/3/05 - NEWS - Tracy is embarking on a 2005 summer time painting binge. The goal is to get a jumpstart on Volume 2 of the Strange Skeletons color works. Color paintings are much more labor intensive. She is able to crank out several detailed sketches a week but usually only one painting a month. She is planning to do 10 this summer alone. That is an ambitious goal given her other commitments. The Volume 1 material is fairly locked up and the only delays have been with the graphic arts department and software glitches. Stay Tuned. 


6/24/05 NEWS - An unexpected change in the software used to publish the book, but shouldn't slow down the expected release date for fall 2005.


6/5/05 NEWS - Sorry if we have not received or responded to your emails. We have been experiencing email technical difficulties for the last three weeks. We have added a direct link to our email on the contact us page. Thanks to everyone who personally told me they had problems or I would have just thought it was a slow month for emails. 


5/15/05 NEWS - Finally we are able to be found by the most popular search engine- GOOGLE. It took over three months. Did you know you have to send your URL to each search engine for application? In other words the search engines don't just find your website unless you tell them you are there. Incidentally that tripled the hits to the website.


5/8/05 NEWS - Mock-ups for the cover of the first book Volume 1 are being worked on. There has been several amendments to the original layout but it is improving with each polish. A sneak peak will be available by mid June here on the News page.  Stay Tuned!


4/28/05 NEWS- Admittedly we have been holding back some of the newly finished works in progress for when the website goes fully active in September 05. We are also waiting to sell original works because we may still need to re-photograph them before publishing. Here is a small sample.         


4/15/05 COMMENT- I am looking forward to seeing the finished works in progress. I have an original hanging in my office and so many people comment on how they like it.

                                        4/15/05 Emailed by Jim G of Islip, NY


4/05/05 NEWS- The rough draft of the book Strange Skeletons Volume 1 is on the chopping block. We have selected most of the art that will go to publication. We have also created a nice model book  from cut and pasted images we plan to use. There will be some delays getting the works re-photographed and properly formatted.


3/26/05 COMMENT- WOW! Your work is amazing! It's really beautiful, and reminds me of stained glass on paper! I am so proud of you, and you are such an inspiration--thanks! love ya li li la la

                              3/26/05 Emailed by Lisa A. of Ozone Park, NY


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