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Unusual Art for the Unusual Mind

The Strange Skeletons Brokerage is a small business with the mission to promote choice artists and produce publications and limited edition prints of art of a certain genre. we are looking for tasteful art with gothic tendencies without being deeply morbid or graphic. We will review your art for consideration upon you request. 



Tracy Rothman is the creator of many of the strangely beautiful artworks seen in our gallery. Her work has been described as subtly disturbing to oddly seductive. She has natural talent and an emotionally charged creativity. Her influences are Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. She has developed her own unique style. Her current "strange skeletons" works are a refinement of her own invention.. She was raised in Queens. She currently resides in New York.


The Strange Skeletons Gallery is a viewing forum for unexposed artists with some similarities of style. The gallery will have a fixed feature artist and will have guest artists from time to time. Please keep a watchful eye for regular changes, updates and additions

        -The Management


COMMISSIONS : Commissions for full color acrylic paintings are accepted on an work availability basis. You may choose a sketch you see in the sketches gallery or request a certain type of subject matter but please remember that abstract art interpretation may greatly differ from your expectations. Background color schemes may be requested. Sentiments or mood will be especially helpful for this artist. After a $25 non refundable deposit is sent a sketch will be emailed prior to the painting stage. If approved by you, the artist will proceed. If not approved there will be a second sketch only . If still not approved you may pick an unused sketch from the gallery or forfeit the deposit.


Price will vary by size but generally unframed stretched canvas acrylic paintings. Commissions are often a better deal because they are bought sight unseen. Please remember that ownership does not imply copyright. The images are not to be reproduced without the written consent of the artist. Expected turnaround is 30-45 days. 16" x 20"=$250

18"x 24" = $300  / 24"x 30" = $350  larger or unusual dimensions will be priced accordingly.

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