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                                       "Humpbacks at Maui"                                                 "Nude Reclining in Extended Position with Loose Hair"



                    "Overwhelming Grief"                                              "Autumnal Virus"                                   "Friends Not Far Enough  Away"    



      Welcome to the Strange Skeletons Art Gallery and Brokerage site. This is the official site of abstract artist Tracy Rothman. She is the creator of many of the strangely beautiful artworks seen in our gallery. Her work has been described as subtly disturbing to oddly seductive. She has natural talent and an emotionally charged creativity. Her influences are Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. She has developed her own unique style with practice. Her current strange skeletons works are a refinement of her own invention. She is currently in the process of completing works for the upcoming publication of Volume 1 Strange Skeletons Art due out summer 2008. She currently resides in New York. We hope you enjoy browsing the gallery. We welcome your comments, see the "contact us" section


Announcements : Tracy will be displaying art for sale on June 5th, 2008 6PM-9PM at a Wine tasting and Art Show sponsored by the Long Island Chapter of the Sierra Club at Stony Brook Southamptom, Chancellor's Hall, 239 Montauk Highway, Southampton. Tickets are $25 and are available at the door.





    Prior appearance at the Babylon Conklin House Art Show October.




        Original art now available for sale through this website. If you have immediate interest in any pieces you may contact us for availability and pricing. The printed publication, affordable prints and postcards will will be made available on this site when completed. Insured Galleries can contact us with consignment inquiries. Commissioned art is available on a limited basis. Other artists with complementary styles may contact us for consideration for inclusion in future printed and/or internet publication. we hope to continually develop this website and brokerage so keep a watchful eye for regular updates and additions.


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    NEW        PEN      AND      INKS      ADDED        OFTEN                                                                                   



Home Page last updated 08/01/07 New works in the Gallery and sketches pages to be added within the week




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You can view the old Chiller Theatre Intro by going to the links below these pictures.The below pictures are of Strange Skeletons Staff and artist Tracy Rothman  with some of the special guests.  

                 Linda Blair w staff


      Gilbert Gottfried                  http://www.chillertheatre.com/index.html                            Adam West                              Adrienne Barbeau with Tracy at Chiller Theatre 05




            Joyce Dewitt                 Richard Anderson of Bionics fame          Douglas Bradley of Hellraiser                                                            




    Tracy admiring Picassos at the MOMA in NY









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